Our Values

At The Equality Fund we believe that in Ireland, equality is most often sought by and achieved through the work of minority and marginalised communities organising for change.

In this tradition, our work is underpinned by a set of core values.

As Niall Crowley, former head of the Equality Authority, puts it, equality …has a particular engagement with people who experience inequality and their organisations. There is a concern within this tradition about institutional and structural sources of inequality in society. This has involved a focus on social change and developing alternative forms of society. It includes an ambition for a more equal distribution of resources (including income, wealth, jobs, and social goods such as education, health and accommodation), status and standing, power and influence, and relationships of love, care and solidarity between groups’.

Active Participation

Communities have the right to identify their own needs and interests and how they are met. Long-lasting change in policies and programmes is not achievable without the meaningful participation of the communities affected in their design and implementation.

Empowering Communities

Knowing what is needed, having the skills to pursue it, the confidence to challenge those who stand in your way and cooperate with like-minded groups for similar aims – these traits are crucial to community driven and sustainable societal change. We are committed to partnering with empowered, resilient, well-organised, inclusive and influential communities in pursuit of a fairer Ireland.

Collective Action

Focusing on benefits for communities rather than only for individuals. It understands that communities and groups, including those that are funded, hold the right to work independently and maintain a critical voice.

Social Justice

Levelling the playing field for everyone means promoting policies and practices that directly challenge injustice and value diversity.

Sustainable Development

Working for equality requires long-term and sustainable approaches. We need to quality-proof our policies and practices to guarantee they are durable culturally, ecologically, economically and socially.

Human Rights, Equality and Anti-discrimination

We are committed to eliminating discrimination, promoting equality, and protecting human rights. While seeking these outcomes for all members of our society, we recognise that certain communities, including those which this fund seeks to partner with, are most likely to experience discrimination and inequality.